Children’s Book Review: My Name is Zedonk

Children’s Book Review: My Name is Zedonk
My Name is Zedonk (Parallax Press) is a delightful book about a baby animal whose mother is a donkey and whose papa is a zebra. She recounts the story of how her mama and papa fell in love with each other at first sight. Even though they loved each other, they struggled, wondering how they would live together because they were different animals. In the end, they learn to love each other just as they are, and they have Zedonk. Zedonk is a happy animal who is friends with everybody.

My daughter Emma, who is 6 years old, really enjoyed the story and identified with Zedonk. She said, “It’s really fun. I like the pictures a lot. I like the animals because it’s like me and my parents.”

My son Anthony, who is 3 years old, loves all the animals. He said, “I like my mom and dad, too.”

We highly recommend this book to all kids who love animals and love their family.

My Name is Zedonk is written and illustrated by Jia Han and translated by Jason U. Kim.

Love, Juliet Hwang

You can order your copy of My Name is Zedonk from Parallax Press or Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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