Children’s Book Review: Two Gail Silver books reviewed by Arjun and Zoe

Children’s Book Review: Two Gail Silver books reviewed by Arjun and Zoe

Two children’s books by Gail Silver (Parallax Press) received rave reviews from siblings Arjun and Zoe who live in California.

Steps and Stones 

Steps and Stones by Gail Silver reviewed by Arjun, age 6

Steps and Stones is a story about Anh and anger.  He was feeling angry because his friends didn’t want to play with him, and when anger came, he started walking slowly and counting his steps.  In the end, he found a girl in his class named Sarah and his friends came and they told him to tell the story about why he was walking slowly.  It reminds me of when I am at gymnastics and I feel like my mom is going to leave.  I feel scared and I try to calm myself down.  This book is good for people that feel scared or angry or sad.  

– Arjun, age 6

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding tells the story of a girl named Lily getting over jealousy by reading her great-grandfather’s journal, which tells a story about Lily’s great-grandfather meeting anger and making anger go away and finding Metta.  Metta means “loving kindness,” and is simply wishing loving kindness for others.  I can relate to this book because I sometimes get angry that everybody gives more attention to my older sister for her talents and overlooks mine.  I would recommend this book for older children with younger siblings because this book deals with sibling jealousy and wanting attention.

-Zoe, age 10

Zoe, age 10

Peace, Bugs, and Understanding by Gail Silver with original watercolors by award-winning illustrator Youme Nguyen Ly

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